Legality of CBD in The Netherlands / Holland

When it comes to CBD, The Netherlands (or Holland) has… an interesting stance. The topic of cannabis can be a little bit touchy. The government didn’t want to outright ban CBD (because they didn’t want to alienate their neighbor countries or their own citizens), but they’re not totally for it either. This means dutch citizens have to wade through some doublespeak.

Let’s break down some of the details and hopefully bring a little more clarity to the use of industrial hemp in the land of tulip fields and windmills.


Is CBD Legal in The Netherlands?

The laws and regulations circulating CBD are complex in Holland, but not heavily enforced. What does that look like exactly?

Here’s an example. Cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized and due to its tolerance policy, you shouldn’t be prosecuted… But hemp and cannabinoids are technically restricted under the Netherlands’ Opium Act where hemp is included under List II chemicals. That doesn’t keep it from being widely sold at coffee shops (even with THC levels higher than 0.05%), selling them under the definition of “soft drugs.” CBD vape oil on the other hand is strictly banned.

Another tricky grey area has to do with cultivation. Farmers can grow and produce hemp with less than 0.2% THC with a license only for fiber and seeds. But because CBD with less than 0.2% THC can be legally purchased online if it was made outside Holland and not domestically, farmers have found a loophole. They can process their hemp abroad, then sell the final product back to Holland citizens.

Because of the complexity of this country’s system, we strongly advise dutch citizens interested in using CBD do a little more research before purchasing their hemp-derived products.


Can I travel (fly or drive) with CBD into The Netherlands?

Can you take your CBD products with you on your trip to The Netherlands? Yes, as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC and weighs no more than 5g.

That said, unless you need it medicinically it’s probably not worth the hassle and the possibility of getting held up in customs.

Don’t ever try to sneak in CBD or hemp-derived products into a country without declaring it. It’s just not worth the risk of being caught and having a criminal offense on your record.


A FINAL NOTE: We hope you will consider this your starting point in understanding the legality of CBD in The Netherlands. Laws are subject to change. And although we strive to provide you with accurate information, we are not infallible. To stay educated and informed, we recommend you research and read more about the laws of your country.

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