CBD Legality in Ireland

Planning a trip to Ireland and curious to know what a country known for its greenery thinks about the industrial hemp plant?

Though Ireland is definitely tighter with its regulations in comparison with it’s neighbor Britain, it isn’t totally opposed to CBD. Let’s take a deeper dive and break down the laws together.


Is CBD legal in Ireland?

Hemp and CBD products with less than 0.2% THC are legal and available throughout the country of Ireland… But only under the condition that they be extracted by cold pressing. This means that methods of extraction using CO2 or solvents are excluded as viable options for Irish buyers.

How about the laws concerning recreational cannabis? At this time, recreational marijuana is illegal–although the Irish parliament is discussing the possibility of legalization and regulations. Don’t hold your breath though… significant headway isn’t expected anytime soon.

Medical marijuana is legal, but as of February 2019, there were only 16 patients with licenses. Furthermore, they each must renew their licensees quarter-annually. Because of this low number of patients, medical marijuana products aren’t readily available and therefore must be imported.

Finally, the cultivation of hemp plants (with less than 0.2% THC) can be grown by private growers and small businesses with licenses.


Can I travel (fly or drive) with CBD into Ireland?

 If you have medicinal CBD within the country’s legal THC limit it should be alright. Your prescription should be in its original, labelled container along with either a prescription or doctor’s letter. The prescription should also only be for a three-month supply. If it’s longer than that, expect customs to question it.


Can I ship CBD in Ireland?

Yes! At this time, you can ship CBD into this country from overseas.


A FINAL NOTE: We hope you will consider this your starting point in understanding the legality of CBD in Ireland. Laws are subject to change. And although we strive to provide you with accurate information, we are not infallible. To stay educated and informed, we recommend you research and read more about the laws of your country.

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