Is CBD Addictive?

Have you been hearing about all of CBD’s benefits, but been holding back because you didn’t want to become reliant on the substance? Allow us to put your concerns to rest. Unlike THC, CBD isn’t addictive!

Here’s why…


Why CBD Isn’t Addictive

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) made an official statement in their Pre-Review Report declaring that “evidence from well-controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential.”

The reason for this is because using CBD won’t give you any kind of euphoric high. Since CBD isn’t intoxicating, scientists believe the potential of dependency is pretty low.


THC Can Be Addictive

On the other hand, heavy use of THC (or marijuna) can be addictive. Due to its psychoactive properties, about 30% of those who take THC experience some level of dependency on it. That’s because it binds with the cannabinoid receptors in your brain.

For this reason, products sold in the United States must contain 0.3% or less THC to be federally legal. All CBD sellers must test their products to make sure their products come within these legal limits.


How CBD Can Treat Addictions

One final fascinating fact: CBD could actually be helpful in treating drug addictions!

A recent study in Molecules, an academic journal, found preliminary evidence to suggest that CBD could lower one’s likelihood of developing cocaine and methamphetamine abuse disorders. Furthermore, they recorded that CBD could help prevent relapses in patients who have been fighting for their sobriety.

Why? CBD acts on multiple neurotransmission systems that are involved when addictions are formed.

Another peer review in 2015, found evidence to suggest that CBD might also be an effective tool in treating both nicotine and cannabis addictions.

Now that you’re equipped with new knowledge, we hope you will feel much more comfortable and confident if and when you decide to give CBD a try.


A Final Note: This article is based on current research. Studies on the long-term effects of CBD are ongoing and are still in their early stages. We hope you will consider this your starting point in your research on CBD. To stay informed and up-to-date, we encourage you to continue finding more resources and experts on the subject.

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