Legality of CBD in Spain

Did you know Christopher Columbus is said to have transported 80 tons of hemp for commercial trade aboard his ships on one of his historic sea voyages? In fact, CBD has quite the history in Spain. Hemp mills for textiles were opened as early as the 12th century. And chemists have found traces of cannabis on a pipe found in a Spanish castle from the Middle Ages, proving that some Spanish Christians from the time smoked the plant.

Despite its permissive past, Spain has become much more restrictive of hemp-derived CBD in recent years. Let’s unpack the details.


Is CBD legal in Spain?

Before 2018, CBD and CBD products were readily available over the counter in Spain and could be purchased easily. However, as a member of the European Union (EU), Spain follows EU rules–and the EU recently categorized supplements and food containing hemp-derived CBD under the Novel Food Regulation.

Hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.2% THC remains legal over the counter, but it must be for external use, meaning you can only buy it only in cosmetics and topicals. So if you’re looking to use CBD for skincare, you’re in luck. Also keep in mind that AECOSAN (The Spanish Agency for Food Security and Nutrition) does not allow online purchases of CBD if it’s labeled as a health food. Despite all these restrictions, the country still permits farmers to grow industrial hemp.


Can I travel (fly or drive) with CBD into the UK?

Yes! CBD oil can be brought into Spain as long as it adheres to the regulations of the EU. You can put it either in your carry-on or your main luggage. Travelers have even reported placing their CBD oils and CBD vape cartridges in the plastic security bins in Ibiza without incident.


Can I ship CBD in?

Sadly, no. At this time CBD cannot be shipped in.


A FINAL NOTE: We hope you will consider this your starting point in understanding the legality of CBD in Spain. Laws are subject to change. And although we strive to provide you with accurate information, we are not infallible. To stay educated and informed, we recommend you research and read more about the laws of your country.

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