CBD and Women’s Health

Alright, Ladies. Let’s talk CBD and women’s health.

Why? Because there are some ways this plant can benefit you specifically! Not only can hemp help relieve stress and alleviate cramps, but it can boost beauty, handle menopause, and even give your sex life a boost. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these areas.

Stress Relief

Did you know that studies have found that women are more likely to report intense amounts of stress in comparison to men? While 20% of men reported this level of stress, 28% of women did. Women are also 40% more likely to experience insomnia than their male counterparts.

One of hemp’s most common uses happens to be for… you guessed it, countering anxiety and stress ! So go ahead, ladies—unwind your muscles with a hemp topical cream, take a tincture, or soak with a CBD bath bomb to unwind after those really long days.

Sex / Libido

Looking for new ways to spice things up with your paramour? Women have turned to CBD oil, sprays, and lubricants to increase sexual pleasure and ease pain by alleviating dryness and relaxing muscles. One reason behind this is that cannabinoid receptors are all over our bodies–for women that includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vulva, and vagina (which all playing a role in whether our sex lives our pleasureful… or painful).

On a psychological level, CBD can also ease performance anxiety. “Many women need to feel relaxed to want sex,” notes obstetrician-gynecologist doctor Anita Sadaty, MD. “CBD fits the bill.”

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menstrual Cramps

As mentioned in our last two sections, CBD can help with the alleviation stress and the relaxation of tight muscles. Both of these properties come in handy when your Checking into the Red Roof Inn (yes, that’s an actual phrase people use… we looked it up).

So when you’re miserable from a case of the cramps? You might try massaging CBD oil on your lower abdomen to stimulate uterine muscles. Cranky and dealing with cravings? Go ahead and treat yourself to a CBD chocolate bar.


What woman doesn’t want flawless skin? Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, many have started to implement CBD into their daily skincare routines. They use it to treat dark spots or treat skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis.

Another way CBD might very well be a beauty enhancer? It’s said that hemp might possibly possess hair follicle strengthening abilities to give you healthier, happier hair!

Menopause and Mood Stabilizing

Though studies certainly don’t prove CBD as a cure-all for alleviating all symptoms related to menopause, hemp has been known to be a mood stabilizer. With hot flashes and restless sleep, mood swings are no joke.

CBD could also be helpful in decreasing your rate of osteoporosis (bone density loss sometimes occurring during menopause). In fact, one study found that CBD blocks the activation of the correlating receptor, therefore improving bone strength and enhancing fracture healing in the body.

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