CBD Legality of China

We all know China serves tasty moo shu pork, Peking duck, and wontons… but do they dish up quality CBD too?

For the most part, hemp and marijuana users are out of luck in this particular country. But here are the details so you know just what to expect.


Is CBD legal in China?

So what exactly does China have to say about industrial hemp? The Chinese government cracks down pretty harshly on all drugs–and they include both CBD and THC in that category.

The only industrial hemp legally available on the market are CBD cosmetics for external use and these must come from approved Chinese companies.

In the future, citizens of China are hopeful that their government will move towards less stringent restrictions. Keep an eye on the laws to see


Can I travel (fly or drive) with CBD into China?

Since recreational CBD is illegal throughout the country of China, no, you won’t be able to travel with industrial hemp in your suitcase.

Under no circumstances should you try to board your plane without declaring your hemp-derived products. Risking a criminal offense on your record by attempting to sneak CBD into the country is never worth the risk!


Can I ship CBD in China?

No, at this time, you won’t be able to ship CBD into this country.


A FINAL NOTE: We hope you will consider this your starting point in understanding the legality of CBD in China. Laws are subject to change. And although we strive to provide you with accurate information, we are not infallible. To stay educated and informed, we recommend you research and read more about the laws of your country.

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