Is Delta-8 Legal in Texas?

Everyday, “cannabis” is coming closer and closer to being a daily used name across the United States. So if you’re new to the market, it’s important not to get overwhelmed by all of the new ways to ingest, or use cannabis materials. To narrow it down, one of the newer and more controversial names you may be hearing across the canna-spectrum, is Delta-8. So you might be wondering, what is it? And, is it legal in my state? We at Exclusive Hemp are here to help answer some of your questions…   


What is Delta-8?

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “self, what exactly is Delta-8?” For starters, Delta-8 THC is slightly different from Delta-9 THC. To separate the two, Delta-8 is a minor occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant, but due to a slight chemical difference, also offers a mild psychoactive “high” of its own, because it contains minimal amounts of THC (less than the legal limit of 0.3%). Since Delta-9 has been classified as an illegal substance in many states, this is what puts Delta-8 up on the controversial pedestal. Since there are slight differences between the two, this tends to be one of the main reasons as to why many are still confused and uncertain as to if Delta-8 is legal for them to purchase. So now you might be wondering…


Is Delta-8 Legal in Texas?

To answer this question as simply as possible YES. Delta-8 is legal in Texas. This is because Delta-8 is a federally legal substance. So how is this now possible? Long ago, hemp was once regulated as illegal under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, but recently, was removed in 2018 under the new Agricultural Improvement Act (otherwise known as the Farm Bill). This bill federally legalized hemp, and hemp-derived products (that contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC). This is why marijuana (Delta-9), is still treated as a controlled substance, and is illegal under federal law. Since Delta-8 is derived from hemp, it’s legal under the Farm Bill in Texas.   

Delta-8 is currently illegal in: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. If you’re reading this article, and your state is listed above, then you might need to find alternative sources for relief.


Will Delta-8 Show up on a Drug Test?

To be frank, this isn’t a simple yes or no…it’s a maybe. The answer truly depends on how much Delta-8 you decide to consume, and how regularly you consume it. Since Delta-8 THC has similar metabolites to Delta-9 THC, it IS potentially possible for you to not pass a drug test. It’s advisable to not use Delta-8 products if you need to be drug tested regularly, and to take the right precautions before ingesting or using.


What Benefits does Delta-8 have to offer?

A lot of you might also be wondering, what’s the big deal with Delta-8, and what does it do for me? Well, Delta-8 still gets you high, but it doesn’t provide the same psychoactive “high” that you would get out of using Delta-9 THC. Many Delta-8 products on the market today offer a wide variety of physical benefits such as appetite stimulation, help with pain and inflammation, and eliminating nausea. Mental perks can also include relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Unlike Delta-9, all of these effects can be enjoyed with a clear-minded, functional high. So why not give it a try? 


Where can I buy Delta-8?

When searching online for Delta-8, there’s a possibility you’ll be bombarded with options. So where exactly is the best place to buy Delta-8? We at Exclusive Hemp offer a wide variety of Delta-8, from vape cartridges, to flower and edibles. Our Delta-8 will leave you with a clear mind, and a good high. If you need more information on the subject, or would like to find your new favorite Delta-8 products, check out our website below.

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